Sunday, May 28, 2023

Services & therapies

Our various treatments, therapies and services exceed even the highest demands and standard in the spa industry


SWEDISH MASSAGE - 60 MIN - $70.00 / 90 MIN - $100.00
River’s SPA classic full body massage that stimulates circulation, improves muscle tone, releases tension & relieves stress.
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - 60 MIN - $80.00 / 90 MIN $110.00
Slow & deep manipulations promote the release of chronic stiffness, especially targeting the body parts that tend to accumulate tension like the neck and back.
HOT STONE THERAPY - 60 MIN - $80.00 / 90 MIN - $110.00
Using a breakthrough technique, this massage balances the body’s emotional, physical and spiritual energies. This deeply relaxing and penetrating massage uses the application of basalt heated stones to unlock the body’s natural healing energies.
An unique River SPA express massage, with quick relief, for the individual who wants to target a specific problem area.
COUPLES MASSAGE - 60 MIN - $110 / 90 MIN - $200.00
This option is a full enjoyment and relaxation massage with someone you love in a couples massage room with your choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

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